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Huntmore 360 Chair Product Review

Several months ago, I purchased a product that I had seen advertised in several outdoor magazines. I wanted to personally give the product a try because it appeared to have merit for my hunting needs. It also appeared to have quality construction and unique engineering. Specifically the product I am referencing is the HuntMore® 360° Chair (as pictured below/ and online at:


The original Huntmore® chair had a 19 inch padded triangular seat. The most recently released chair by Huntmore® is their 16 inch 360° chair. It was one of the new product highlights at the 2013 ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show in Louisville, Kentucky (January, 2013). Both the 16” and 19” chairs offer the same all day comfort and completely silent 360° rotation. These chairs are unusually suited for ground blind hunting. The 16 inch chair is slightly smaller and a bit lighter (10.5 pound package).The chairs feature a triangular seat pad and dual back supports (upper back as well as a very functional and adjustable lumbar support). Both the seat pad and the back supports are made of closed-cell foam for all-day support (as well as warmth in cold weather). The rugged aluminum frame is superbly engineered and is totally collapsible for user friendly portability. The chairs have adjustable legs that allow for height adjustments from 16”-21” with large “duck feet” for a stable base in any type of soil. Bowhunter Magazine coined the Huntmore® 360 chair “The Ultimate Blind Chair”. YouTube produced a brief video clip on the Huntmore® chair when it was originally released in the fall of 2008. I have currently had the opportunity to log in excess of 60 hours of actual hunting time since I obtained my Huntmore® chairs (I have both the 16” and 19” chairs). This has given me amply time to become quite familiar with this product. This turkey season I was fortunate to take three longbeards using archery equipment, Primos® Double Bull Ground Blinds and my Huntmore® chairs. A sampling outcome of some of my bow-hunting experience with the Huntmore® chairs can be viewed on the 2013 Mississippi Bowhunters Association Photo Gallery. Below are sample images from successful turkey hunts using my Huntmore 360 Chairs!

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Full details (including maintenance, packing, transport etc) for the Huntmore® 360° chairs can be accessed and viewed online at

In summation; I feel that the cost (~$199 for the 16") for the Huntmore 360 is a cost effective purchase considering the comfort, quietness and efficiency that these chairs offer. If you are a groundblind hunter, you should seriously consider looking into the benefits of owning/using one of these chairs!